Link please?

It’s all here

We put all your affiliate links on 1 website like Buzzfeed, Who What Wear, and Kerina Wang

It looks just like your Instagram feed

Except you can put anything you want on it!

Help Your Fans Find Your Links

Your website should replicate your social media feed

We build websites for creators like you

Kerina Wang


Who What Wear

Do You Own Your Traffic?

Other Link-In-Bio or Storefront services own your traffic by locking you into their system.

With us, you have total freedom and ownership, forever.

Do you often feature multiple Amazon products in 1 post?

With us, you can link anything you want, all in page for your fans.

And no more “When your post is approved it will be published...”

It’s instant, because you own your links.

Do you want more profit via Sponsors?

The best platforms also help you find Sponsor income, not just affiliate sales.  Your next big sponsor may be on LTK, MagicLinks, Ratuken, ShareASale, the list goes on. 

And they find you by seeing you generate traffic on their networks.  That’s why we don’t just use one or two platforms!

Anything is Possible

Automate cross-posting to YouTube, automate email gathering, sell e-books… it’s all possible with your own website



$125 / month


$500 first time setup & initial deposit

Includes EVERYTHING you need for you own link-in-bio website and syncing to Instagram

What Would I have to do?

You prep the same way as you would for Amazon, but everything is easier and more free.

We don’t use Amazon Storefront for this reason.

Here are the details:

  1. Each time you post on IG, we clone that post into your website (15-20mins), so each of your posts is essentially a mini-blog post with a URL you can share.
  2. Before you post on socials, have your links ready, just like you would have for Amazon or a Meta-Chat Bot.
  3. Put those links into your website via a super easy WordPress interface, now you can throw whatever links, pictures, coupon codes on your mini-blog post!
I don't have time for tech stuff, what can you do to help?

We completely expand and cater the service to you at reasonable costs!

We have veteran video editors, writers, web designers, and affiliate link making gurus with several years of experience.

Our helpers have generated over 20,000 affiliate links in our google sheets and millions in tracked sales reports!

Our secret is off-loading these tasks to our helpers and letting you focus.

In Summary

Hi, it’s Peter the owner here!  You can compare this service to Dash Hudson, a Link-in-Bio app charging $249/month, hmmm.  I don’t think you need all those bells and whistles.  That’s why our services are more affordable.

You are not a micro-influecer; it takes some juice to handle all that traffic.  Half of our costs go towards paying for your high-speed hosting & software.

You are getting a website!  It will be a hub that you own forever.  You will be making far more sales with our system.

And btw, I use the same software daily and we’re constantly improving it.

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