I’m sure many Kinsta-WooCommerce developers have gotten this email from Kinsta:

Hi Kinsta User,

Obsolete PHP versions are replaced by more recent versions every year. PHP 7.4 is being replaced this year by PHP 8. As a result, we are discontinuing support for PHP 7.4. It’s critical that you update your sites to PHP 8 as soon as possible.

Our problem was that our sites were running hot and live, with many eCommerce orders.  We didn’t want down time.

Thus, we tested over 55 WooCommerce / WordPress plugins for compatibility to Kinsta’s PHP 8.0 Upgrade.  Here are the results of this huge project

Once we ran up against a plugin that wasn’t working well, we were able to remove it or find a good replacement.

If you have any of these plugins, you can see our manual testing results below for your own work:

Plugin Name Plugin Version Functionality PHP 8.0 Compatibility From Version
Acowebs Woocommerce Dynamic Pricing 4.3.7 Bulk Discount based on predefined rules Yes 4.0.0
Activity Log 2.8.5 It tracks all the activities of the wordpress admin. Yes 2.8.5
Admin CSS MU 2.7 Plugin allows to add CSS for wordpress admin panel and to add styles on login page. Yes 2.7
Admin Menu Editor 1.10.4 It allows to organize wordpress dashboard items. One can reorder specific items, show or hide it. Yes 1.10.3
Advanced Order Export For Woocommerce 3.3.3 It enables administrator to export Woocommerce order data in CSV, XLS, PDF format. Yes 3.3.0
Akismet Anti-Spam 5.0.2 Prevents spam comments. Yes 5.0.2
Back In Stock Notifier forWoocommerce | Woocommerce Waitlist Pro 3.2 It allows customers to subscribe an email notification for out of stock product. It will send an email when product is back in stock. No
Captcha 4WP (Premium) 7.1.1 It is useful for adding Google Captcha. No
Checkout Field Editor and Manager for Woocommerce 2.2.7 It enables administrator to set a custom check out form. Yes
Code Snippets 3.2.2 It offers customization through code without editing theme’s function.php Yes 3.2.2
CTX Feed 4.6.0 It creates product feed which is being used for paid ads campaign. Yes 4.6.0
Delete Duplicate Posts 4.8.3 It identifies and delete the duplicate posts. It can search among post types, products, and all other custom post types. No 4.6.2
Disable Admin Notices Individually 1.3.1 It disables the warnings generated by various plugins or themes. Yes
Easy SVG Support 3.3.0 It allows SVG support for media files. Yes 3.3.0
Easy Updates Manager 9.0.14 It automatically updates plugins, themes, etc. No
EWWW Image Optimizer 6.9.3 It reduces the size of images without compromising quality. It is helpful for improving page performance. Yes
Facebook for Woocommerce 3.0.8 It connects the web shop with Facebook page. Allows facebook users to buy products through Facebook. Yes 3.0.8
Fibosearch – Ajax Search for Woocommerce 1.21.0 It provides an advanced search for products. It auto suggest the products based on search term. Yes 1.16.0
Filebird Lite 5.1 It helps organize media files in category or folder. Yes 5
Header Footer Code Manager 1.1.32 It allows to add a custom code in the header, footer area. useful for adding custom code, conversion pixel. Yes 1.1.32
Import Export WordPress Users and WooCommerce Customers 2.3.6 It allows to export or import the customer data in website Yes 2.1.3
Imsanity 2.8.2 It prevents the big size image uploads. Admin can set the size in pixel which is considered to be the maximum size allowed for the image upload. It also helps resizing the images which have been uploaded already. Yes 2.8.2
Kadence WooCommerce Email Designer 1.5.7 It allows to customize the email template using a prebuilt template. Custom designed email will be used for sending notification. Yes 1.5.7
Lightweight Social Icons 1.1 It is a library of social media icons. We can use it for adding social media icons in any page or post. No 1.1
MC4WP: Mailchimp for WordPress 4.8.12 It allows website visitors to subscribe newsletter using sign up form. it is synced with MailChimp. No 4.8.12
PDF Invoices & Packing Slips for Woocommerce 3.2.6 It is a plugin for generating invoices and packing slip for online orders. Yes 2.8.0
Pixel Manager for Woocommerce (Premium) 1.28.1 It allows to connect webstore with various ads platform for dynamic remarketing. No 1.29.1
Plugin Organizer 10.1.7 It enables website owner to disable plugins on indivudual pages and change the order that they are loaded in. No
Pojo Device Widget 1.1.0 Plugin allows to set device visibility of widgets. No
Redirect 404 Error Page to Homepage 1.1 It simply redirects 404 (Page not found) requests to home page. No
Redirection 5.3.6 It allows admin to set 301 redirection and manage 404 requests. Yes 5.2
Regenerate Thumbnails Advanced 2.4.0 It regenerates thumbnails in new size. It is useful when we change the theme and new theme requires a different size thumnails than the previous ones. No
Retainful – Abandoned Cart Recovery Emails and Next Order Coupons 2.6.18 The plugin encourages users who added items in the cart but then left. It sends email with special coupon code and try to get the order from customer. It also offers exit intent modal. It displays a popup with special coupon code to get the order done. It also has the option to set countdown timer. Yes
Sezzle Woocommerce Payment 4.0.8 It enables customers to buy now and pay later with interest-free installment plans. Yes
Smart Slider 3 It is a solution for setting hero sliders. It is a popular plugin for website sliders. Yes
Storemapper for WordPress 1.0.0 It is a store locator plugin enables us to showcase all the locations of outlet. Yes
Supreme Modules Lite – Divi Theme, Extra Theme and Divi Builder 2.4.2 It suppliments the layout options provided by Divi Theme. It has some ready made modules that can be easily used by just drag and drop. Yes
Temporary Login without Password It provides a temporary access to anyone. Useful for technical support or diagnosing issue by third-party. Yes 1.6.11
Variation Swatches for WooCommerce 2.0.17 It is for presenting product variations in visually appealing manner. It converts simple drop down into regular boxes. Yes 2.0.18
Woo Stickers by Webline 1.1.5 The plugin adds ribbon on product image (on sale, new, etc.)
WooCommerce 7.2.2 It is a plugin that makes the website an eCommerce store Yes
WooCommerce Bulk Variations 2.1.5 The plugin allows bulk variations (thickness, curl, length) for a single product. Yes
WooCommerce Order Navigation 1.1 The plugin saves time of back office team by providing next previous button in order edit screen itself. Yes
WooCommerce Paypal Payments 2.0.1 It is a plugin for configuring PayPal Payment gateway for online payment. Developed by WooCommerce itself. Yes
WooCommerce Stripe Gateway 7.0.1 This plugin connects Stripe Payment Gateway with website. It is built by WooCommerce itself. Yes
WP Mail Logging 1.10.5 It maintains Email Logs of all the emails sent by system. Yes 1.10.5
WP Rocket It is a Cache plugin. helps to perform the site better by leveraging cache.
WP Show Posts 1.1.3 It is useful for pulling post/product feed in any page. Yes
WP Sitemap Page 1.9.2 It helps to create sitemap. Yes 1.6.3
WPCode Lite 2.0.6 It allows to insert code in header and footer. Useful for tracking code for ad campaign. Yes 2.0.6
WPS Hide Login 1.9.6 It hides the default wp-admin URL and redirect all the attempts to home page. It is useful for preventing hackers accessing admin login page. It allows to generate a custom link for accessing admin console. Yes 1.6
XT Floating Cart for WooCommerce 2.6.9 The plugin eases the buying experience with floating shopping cart. Yes 2.4.4
YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards 2.17.0 It enables store admin to create virtual gift card. Yes 2.17.0
Yoast Duplicate Post 4.5 It allows to create duplicate posts. Yes 4.5


The above table does not get into the tech details and results, if you need to see our findings, here they are:

Plugin Name Remarks
Acowebs Woocommerce Dynamic Pricing Currently, there is no rules set or no discount applied using this plugin. I have checked Rules List but there is no rule found. Product List is too empty.
Activity Log It is a helpful plugin. It won’t affect the website’s performance. We should keep it.
Admin CSS MU Plugin owner doesn’t claim PHP 8.0 support in any of the version history or release notes. We have to manually check this plugin against new PHP version
Admin Menu Editor We need to check this plugin against PHP 8.0.
Advanced Order Export For Woocommerce It is very important because we have been using it for providing order data to shipping partner.
Akismet Anti-Spam It is very popular plugin and they follow a robust testing principles. They have officially claimed support for PHP 8.1. We may not require to test it. It will surely work in new PHP version.
Back In Stock Notifier forWoocommerce | Woocommerce Waitlist Pro Plugin owner doesn’t announce compatibility for PHP 8.1 officially. They are still testing the plugin. https://wordpress.org/support/topic/is-back-in-stock-notifier-100-compatible-with-php-8-1/
Captcha 4WP (Premium) Plugin owner doesn’t announce compatibility for PHP 8.1 officially. I have asked plugin owner by filling out the contact form.
Checkout Field Editor and Manager for Woocommerce Plugin owner doesn’t announce compatibility for PHP 8.1 officially. I have asked plugin owner by filling out the contact form.
Code Snippets I think the plugin is not in use right now. There are five snippets and but all seem the sample snippets provided by plugin itself. I didn’t find any custom coding in any of the snippet.
CTX Feed It is very useful plugin. Currently it is being used for Facebook Ads. 
Delete Duplicate Posts It considers the variable product as “duplicate”. It found more than 1500 products as duplicate which is not possible.
Disable Admin Notices Individually The plugin owner doesn’t confirm the compatibility.
Easy SVG Support The plugin owner confirmed the PHP 8 support.
Easy Updates Manager This is a useful plugin. We should continue it. Sometimes updated version comes up with enhanced security features so it is recommended to keep plugins up to date.
EWWW Image Optimizer The plugin owner didn’t test it specifically on PHP 8.1 or 8.2 but it works most of the time.
Facebook for Woocommerce This is a useful plugin but currently Facebook page isn’t connected with Website. We should connect it and start leveraging it.
Fibosearch – Ajax Search for Woocommerce I have tested the plugin. it is working fine with new version.
Filebird Lite It is working well with new PHP version. However, I didn’t find any use of the plugin right now. Media files are not organized or sorted by folders/categories.
Header Footer Code Manager Google Merchant Verification and Facebook Pixel code added using this plugin. Though we can use theme’s feature for adding custom code in header or footer.
Import Export WordPress Users and WooCommerce Customers Exporting data functionality may not be used on daily basis. We can deactivate the plugin and activate it whenever it is required.
Imsanity It is a useful plugin. The plugin is slow in terms of exporting data.
Kadence WooCommerce Email Designer It is useful plugin.
Lightweight Social Icons The new WP version allows to add icons by default. This plugin is not useful.
MC4WP: Mailchimp for WordPress The plugin is not connected with Mailchimp Account. API Key needs to be validated and connected with Mailchimp.
PDF Invoices & Packing Slips for Woocommerce Very useful plugin.
Pixel Manager for Woocommerce (Premium) It is in usage for running remarketing campaign on Facebook. Useful plugin.
Plugin Organizer Disabling plugins and changing the orders of their loading on site may affect the functionality. It seems risky to disable plugins. I don’t recommend to use this plugin.
Pojo Device Widget We can do custom code for device visibility and Divi also has an option for the same. By figuring out some other solutions, we can remove this plugin.
Redirect 404 Error Page to Homepage Plugin developer stopped support permenently. The plugin was last updated 2 years ago.
Redirection The plugin is very useful for redirecting users to appropriate page when there is a change in URL. We should keep this plugin. It is helpful for SEO and Sales as well.
Regenerate Thumbnails Advanced It is not useful plugin because theme changing is not a frequent action we perform.
Retainful – Abandoned Cart Recovery Emails and Next Order Coupons The plugin owner doesn’t confirm the compatibility.
Sezzle Woocommerce Payment It is a useful plugin.Sezzle is a billion dollar company. They may have a robust testing mechanism to keep their integration tools updated.
Smart Slider 3 The plugin doesn’t have an active use. We can deactivate it.
Storemapper for WordPress The plugin is not matured yet. It is in its initial release.
Supreme Modules Lite – Divi Theme, Extra Theme and Divi Builder The plugin is useful for non-technical person who wants to build a page but don’t know programming.
Temporary Login without Password The plugin is not useful on regular basis. We can deactivate it.
Variation Swatches for WooCommerce The plugin is useful for delivering a better user experience.
Woo Stickers by Webline The plugin is not in use right now. Secondly plugin seems outdated. It was updated 3 years ago.
WooCommerce The plugin is a must-have tool for selling items online. No need for checking its compatibility.
WooCommerce Bulk Variations It is a helpful plugin for displaying variations options.
WooCommerce Order Navigation The plugin is comparatively new. This is a tiny but useful plugin if LG team is using this.
WooCommerce Paypal Payments Must have plugin for us.
WooCommerce Stripe Gateway The plugin is a must have for accepting payments via credit card so we have to keep it.
WP Mail Logging The plugin is useful for backoffice team. It is sometimes essential to verify the order information or email confirmation.
WP Rocket Helpful plugin for optimizing page performance.
WP Show Posts The plugin is helpful for pulling post feed in any pages or post of our choice. It can also pull product grid.
WP Sitemap Page The plugin is not useful at this point. Yoast also allows to create XML sitemap.
WPCode Lite The plugin is useful.
WPS Hide Login The plugin is very useful.
XT Floating Cart for WooCommerce The plugin is useful for buyers. we should keep this. However, it is not tested against the latest WP version.
YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards The plugin is useful.
Yoast Duplicate Post We can deactivate it when there is no use.