To whom it may concern,


The purpose of this article is to showcase a music-relevant project we recently did.

Below are samples of project details from Design (Photoshop) to Code (Shopify).  From left to right, one can see the merits and limits of Shopify coding process.  While designers create simple pictures with no buttons or function, the Shopify ($30usd/month) coded page + paid 3rd party audio app ($10usd/month) we’ve created allows the website to do things like:

– Play a song

– Buy a song

– Pause, skip, and all standard audio controls

– Share a song to social media

– Create an inventory of audio clips or songs to sell

– A human-friendly interface for staff to add album pictures and change the catalogue


Project Scope included entire Shopify design over 300 hours of tech labor and 2 paid Shopify apps.  The project itself was eventually cancelled in favor of something more customizable.


-Peter Peng