Hi guys, this is meant to be a standard tutorial for Maximizing Product SEO for WooCommerce just for LASHGOD.ca.  (Copy of this tutorial is also on Nordic99)

This is meant to reflect the fact that we have a list of keywords that LG OWNER want the website to rank higher for and also we have stiff competition for our own keyword “LASHGOD”.

First, here’s the initial raw keyword list as a reference:

Lash adhesive
Lash glue
Hypoallergenic lash adhesive
Everlasting empress adhesive
Empress adhesive
Magical bond
Magical bond glue
Magical bond adhesive
Magical bond lash glue
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Spell bond adhesive
Spell bond glue
Spell bond lash glue
Spell bod lash adhesive
Spell bond glue reviews
Best lash glue
Clear lash glue
Invisible lash glue
Lash glue for coloured lashes
Invisibility bond adhesive
Invisibility bond glue
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Invisibility bond lash adhesive
LASHGOD adhesive reviews
Retention adhesive
Ruthie belle adhesive
Oil based adhesive
Black matter adhesive
Top rated lash glue
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Pink milk adhesive
Pink milk glue
Pink milk lash glue
Lash extension adhesive
Best lash glue
Glue for eyelash extensions
Best glue for eyelash extensions
Worlds best eyelash adhesive
Worlds best eyelash extension adhesive
Lash glue
Supernatural bond glue
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Supernatural bond lash glue
Super natural bond reviews
Lash salon
Eyelash salon
Eyelash tech Toronto
lash tech Toronto
LASHGOD near me
LASHGOD supplies near me
Lash extension salon
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Shop lashes in LA
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Lash supplier in Los Angles
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How to become a certified lash tech
lash trainer program
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Boot tweezer
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OG cashmere lashes
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Revive 7
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Lash cleanser
Bubble babe lash bath
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Lash salon name Idea
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Pink eyelash extensions
Pink lash extensions
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Red lashes
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Blue lash extensions
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Purple lash extension
Purple lashes
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Festival lashes
Christmas lashes
Valentine’s Day lashes
Easter lashes
Lash trends
The above may look like a lot, but we can think of them as “clusters” that show the full scope of the Lashgod empire.

Consider these the “CORE WORDS”; try to consistently pepper them in our website

  2. LASH GOD 
  11. ARZ3NIA 
At this point, anyone writing good SEO content should also take a pause and make they has a rough understanding of the SEO keyword process, including keyword planning and long-tail keywords.
To consistently produce content related to our keywords, we should aim for our core words + some long tail keywords.  Use the 80/20 rule, and thus focus on our NEW & TOP SELLERS.

STEP 1 – Go to Products Tab for Newest Products

You know which NEW products are getting attention, so you can decide which ones to focus on

You may need to click “screen options” on the top right tab first, then check “SEO Details” to see this:
how to see SEO score for Rankmath

how to see SEO score (Product SEO for WooCommerce)

Step 2 – Add 1 or 2 SIMPLE Focus Keywords for products

It’s usually not feasible to write 1500+ words and have 5 keywords which will have to be peppered into the words.  Pick a basic, SIMPLE, focus keyword.  Otherwise it will be impossible to get a decent score.  Other related words will organically be in the article.

IMPORTANT: Picking a keyword via Rankmath does not actually tell Google anything! They are just “scoring” your writing in their own way.  Google analyzes your article/product in it’s own secret way and all SEO-software are just making educated guesses!  Google’s rules change yearly.  Just write good wholesome content consistently and you will do fine!

Scroll down and find the focus keyword.

rankmath easy scoring

Set a simple focus keyword

Step 3 – Fix that “SEO Meta Description”


Rankmath butchered the wording here, they are just talking about your “Snippet”.  The official term for how Google summarizes your article.

Here’s an easy rule of thumb to follow:

For product descriptions, write a short, 2-3 sentence paragraph that has your keyword + some of your core words.  Throw in some longer words if you want, but most times you will high the character limit (160 characters, less on mobile).


simple meta description for woocommerce products

simple meta description for woocommerce products

This trick avoids the need to manually hit “SNIPPET” and edit because Google just guesses that your first 2-3 sentences are a good “SEO Meta Description”.  But if you need to, you can always do this work twice.

Step 4 – Write more in an SEO Friendly Manner


Raq and the senior team can only write so much.  For the BOTTOM part of the product, fill it up with more of the longer keywords.  Highly recommended to write in a clear and concise manner.

Remember: GOOGLE KNOWS HUMANS vs BOTS, it’s their core business.  So just get your humans to scroll and pause on your writing.

This is the hardest part IMO, because in this era, nobody really wants to waste their time reading.

Tip 1:  Go ahead and use AI but beware of the “junk writing”, clean it up before use!

chatGPT use for article ending

A human needs to cut this down.  The issue with language models is that it just mimics what “looks” to be right based on copying patterns of other people’s writing.  It will cause mistakes and it will not have any new or interesting LASHGOD-specific information for you.  It will not ANALYZE LASHGOD for you.  Google’s algorithm has to adjust to the flood of junk writing from AI these coming years as Google Search becomes less useful vs Social Media Search.


Tip 2: Write About & Link to Related or Other LASHGOD Top Sellers

This has a neat benefit of filling up keywords, adding links to our own business, and actually could help people make a better purchase decision


tips for SEO writing for humans


Tip 3: Link to informative and genuinely useful resources for Lash Techs & customers


This is IMO, the hardest part to scale, because it really is the difference between good & great content.  If you have the resources and the time for this AFTER you’ve already saturated your socials, this would be something you may consider.




Know what’s interesting, trending and viral is important to gain real viewers and distinction between your content vs AI content.  USE THE SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT ON YOUR WOOCOMMERCE SEO!

how can you not vibe w this


Step 5 – Publish and Send to Managers for Approval


Step 6 – Locate the Next Batch of TOP SELLERS or NEW PRODUCTS to SEO

Top Sellers can be found here:


After this list is complete, we can use Google GA4 to share further top sellers