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Our Work

Demenz Lucas Creatives 2

Est. 1960.  Demenz supplies hotels and restaurants with over 1500 different products across Ontario.


Demenz is a Business to Business (B2B) establishment that needed a modern inventory-based website to let clients quickly search the full catalogue.


Through careful consultation and planning, we implemented a branded site along with a fully functional B2B shopping search index for it’s many products.

kxyorkville and lucas creatives

KX is expanding their 5 star personal training, café and health products business from Yorkville to a Yonge St located and wanted a business partner for execution.


Through phone consultations and in-house training, we taught a part-time staff how to use WordPress while rebuilding a SEO optimized site in 2 weeks!

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Full service custom software, in-housing training, IT support, wooCommerce / WordPress development and marketing consultation.


With our help, client achieved over 1.5million annual revenue as a startup.


See their Start Story from the CEO

LC Our Work telescript v2

Full service SaaS development for Canada’s first paperless benefits and pensions provider.

Get a prescription over the tele with Telescript!

Home 2

Full service custom software, in-house training, IT support and wooCommerce / WordPress development.  Integration of essential eCommerce services such as Shipstation, Point of Sale (POS), bar code scanning, and marketing support.


Within one week, client’s Point of Sale system was fixed and website speed improved by 500%!

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Marshalls and HomeSense Canada **HIDDEN**

Parent company TJX Canada’s in-house office has been leveraging our social media and content creation expertise since 2016.


Thus far we’ve achieved over 1,300,000 impressions through engaging photography and highly targeted audience.


See one of our record breaking IG photos during a Christmas promotion!

Home 4

Chloe Wines

Chloe Wines wanted to brand awareness and direct traffic for a contest campaign.


We achieved over 345,000 impressions and 700 direct links via social media to a highly targeted audience.

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Kapten & Son . ********HIDDEN VIA CSS FOR NOW using HIDETHIS extra class name on pencil icon above****

Kapten & Sons sell stylish watches, backpacks and accessories world wide.  They wanted great content and brand awareness.


We achieved over 245,000 impressions and 400 direct links via social media to a highly targeted audience.



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Visiting and Understanding Your Business

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Customize a Digital Marketing Stack Just For You

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Provide True ROI and Continuous Improvement


Training and Education
Shopify and WooCommerce Development
Brick & Mortar Integration
Project Management and Consultation


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Whether you need a quick free consultation or just want to introduce your business.  Please contact us at anytime and we will get back to you shortly


180 West Beaver Creek Road

Richmond Hill, ON, CANADA

L4B 1B4

Phone:    1-647-588-6623

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